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Tom has been described as a kind and experienced teacher who “has the unusual ability to understand exactly what the student wants to achieve and what learning style would best suit them”. Tom teaches Drum and Piano lessons in addition to music tutoring, and teaches all ages and abilities.


Tom graduated from the Royal Academy of Music with an MA in Jazz Performance, and has been in demand as a Drummer and a Pianist for various gigs around London ever since as well as composing music for his own projects. He has also completed an LRAM (advanced teaching diploma) during his time here and it is a combination of this in addition to his practical experience which informs his teaching practice. Tom is also acts as the musical director for a senior percussion ensemble as well as his own projects where he is able to perform his own compositions.


What can students expect from lessons with Tom?


Lessons are designed with the students aims in mind, whether this is to have fun with a new hobby or make progress with a robust learning plan. Tom has had comprehensive performance and teaching training through his studies and also has experience working for various charities as a carer for young people. In turn lessons are supportive and fun for beginners but are also challenging, rewarding and comprehensive if you are looking to reach the next level in your playing. Tom supplements his teaching with the Rockschool and Trinity grade books (the student can choose to take the exams if they wish), but he also covers advanced concepts such as Jazz improvisation, playing with brushes, composition, groove playing in different styles and more beyond this to a professional standard.


What does the first lesson with a new student look like?


In the first lesson it is good to learn a little bit about your musical interests and aspirations: Tom is an open minded musician who loves lots of different styles of music so there will be no problem coming up with a lesson plan which works for you. Lessons are planned based on the consistency that the student is looking for. Weekly or bi-weekly lessons are very helpful for students working towards grade exams, but infrequent lessons that fit around your schedule are also very beneficial and rewarding. In either case there will be lots of concepts, resources and handouts that will inspire and challenge the students from the classes. Drum lessons currently take place in the students home or a studio which is booked in central London, whilst Piano lessons can happen at Tom's home or the students home.


Teaching Experience


Tom has taught young beginners (from 4 years old) as well as adults who are looking to start a new hobby or continue their progress at any level. Tom teaches lessons for a range of reputable London music services as well as on a private tution basis. Lessons are tailored to suit new players as well as experienced musicians who are looking to develop their professional skills such as reading, improvisation and technique. I also offer lessons online which are equally comprehensive and have good audio and video quality.


Professional Background


Tom gigs regularly as a Pianist and Drummer following the completion of his studies. This is in various formats such as studio work, as a sideman in various groups and as a Piano soloist and accompanist. Tom also runs his own projects which perform his compositions. He is also a carer for various charities and this experience has helped to shape Tom's teaching style.


If you would like to learn more about taking lessons with Tom please send him a message using the button on this profile. He would love to hear from you and can answer any questions you may have!

"As a classically trained pianist, I was looking for someone to help teach me the fundamentals of jazz piano. When I found Tom, he stripped everything back to a level that was easy to manage and we progressed from the basics to the more complex jazz improvisation all at my own pace. From my lessons with Tom I have progressed with my contemporary piano playing and feel more confident with improvising in the jazz style."


"A talented and experienced and tutor with the perfect blend of professionalism and friendliness. His teaching is backed up by excellent resources for music theory and weekly practice. Thomas has the unusual ability to understand exactly what the student wants to achieve and what learning style would best suit them. What a find!"


Tom is one of those teachers who balances skill, kindness and patience within every lesson you have. His teaching style is flexible, to the point and clear. His professionalism is outstanding, his technical ability is unmatched and he is simply one of the nicest teachers you'll be able to find.


Tom is an amazing drum tutor and is very experienced and flexible. My son passed his Rockschool grade exam which was possible with his great support. We really appreciate it!


Tom is fantastic! He is a patient teacher and is versatile with learning materials which keeps our lessons fun and engaging.


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