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A drummer, pianist, composer and teacher based in London


Tom Dickson is a freelance drummer, pianist and composer based in London. His own projects blend the free spirited nature of Jazz improvisation with gritty, uncompromising grooves. Tom's broad taste in music is also reflected in the range of work he takes on as a Drummer and Pianist as a sideman: Ranging from Jazz ensembles, Indie Rock and Soul groups, Piano/Vocal duos and beyond.

New EP 'Lost Soul' out now!

A chordless trio record featuring:

Tom Dickson: Compositions and Drums 

Kasper Rietkerk: Alto Saxophone and Electronics

John Williamson: Double Bass


Tom has been described as a kind and experienced teacher who “has the unusual ability to understand exactly what the student wants to achieve and what learning style would best suit them”. Tom teaches Drum and Piano lessons in addition to music tutoring, and teaches all ages and abilities.

Tom graduated from the Royal Academy of Music with an MA in Jazz Performance, and has been in demand as a Drummer and a Pianist for various gigs around London ever since as well as composing music for his own projects. He has also completed an LRAM (advanced teaching diploma) during his time here and it is a combination of this in addition to his practical experience which informs his teaching practice. Tom is also acts as the musical director for a senior percussion ensemble as well as his own projects where he is able to perform his own compositions.

What can students expect from lessons with Tom?

Lessons are designed with the students aims in mind, whether this is to have fun with a new hobby or make progress with a robust learning plan. Tom has had comprehensive performance and teaching training through his studies and also has experience working for various charities as a carer for young people. In turn lessons are supportive and fun for beginners but are also challenging, rewarding and comprehensive if you are looking to reach the next level in your playing. Tom supplements his teaching with the Rockschool and Trinity grade books (the student can choose to take the exams if they wish), but he also covers advanced concepts such as Jazz improvisation, playing with brushes, composition, groove playing in different styles and more beyond this to a professional standard.

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Tom has had lots of invaluable experiences during his musical development. At a young age he joined the NYJO Jazz Ensemble, where he learnt the fundamentals of playing music in ensembles. Consequently Tom landed the drum chair in NYJO’s Academy Big Band directed by Sebastiaan De Krom, and played in the pit band of the BYMT production Help! Get me out of This Musical! In the summer of 2017. Tom was also lucky enough to compete in the Meer Jazz International Big Band Competition in the Netherlands with the University of Surrey Big Band in 2019. Since being at the Royal Academy of Music Tom has had the privilege of being taught by some of the most respected and experienced musicians on the British Jazz scene such as Martin France, Pete Churchill, Ian Thomas, Jasper Høiby, Tom Cawley, James Maddren and Kit Downes as well as others. Since finishing his studies Tom has been forging a career which balances his own creative projects, teaching music in a variety of settings and acting as a sideman for a range of studio and live performance scenarios. 

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